Lift up your head on entering. Our attention is caught straightaway by a ray of slanting sunlight shooting down from the “oculus”,  a 9- metre round aperture at the very top of the dome that illuminates the entire building. If it is raining, watch the falling water disappear into the floor’s 22 virtually invisible holes….

Sacred Area of Largo Argentina

Sacred Area of ​​Largo Argentina The “sacred area” of Largo Argentina and the temple of Via delle Botteghe Oscure. The archaeological complex known as the “sacred area” of Largo Argentina is between the current Florida streets, S. Nicola ai Cesarini, Torre Argentina and Largo Argentina. The discovery took place during construction work, which began in…

Dintorni della struttura

Con quasi tre millenni di storia, il centro storico di Roma è unico al mondo. Passeggia all’ombra del Colosseo, della Basilica di San Pietro e tra centinaia di altri monumenti antichi. Attrazioni più vicine Teatro Argentina 0,2 km Ghetto Ebraico di Roma 0,2 km Sinagoga di Roma 0,3 km Isola Tiberina 0,3 km Chiesa del…